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Stone was the most important building material in the world in the distant past; it is today, and will be forever.

But stone has a primordial secret.

Nick believes he can track down the secret and use it for his own barbarous purpose, with an expert team aiding him. Tracking his spoor, Esta has the mission of snuffing out his stratagem, assisted by a key friend. And so the teams are launched into an unrelenting crusade through ancient civilisations to lure the secret out into the open, whilst trying to evade or kill each other.

However, unknown to them both, a dark and ominous cabal scrutinise them every step of the way, setting evil scenarios and deadly traps in their paths. They too crave the secret.

Who will win this quest, and what will be their prize?

Setting the Scene for Chapter 13 

"The good guys Esta, Jamie and Harry, who is a nuclear expert, have trailled the bad guys into the cellar of a castle not far from Edinburgh and found Knights Templars performing a ritual."

Chapter 13

Esta could feel a tingle run down her spine as she watched the Knights Templar.  The seven man in white cloaks were not kneeling in a random pattern around the group of five who lay on the floor, as she had thought.  Five knelt directly behind the men lying outstretched, while the other two knelt beside the one with the flag.  ‘They’re in a pattern.’

‘Why?’ Jamie asked.

‘Don’t know, but I think the star is the Star of David.’

Harry froze. ‘Look, on the floor, in the centre of the five-pointed star there’s a stone ball the size of a small football.’

Horror swept through Esta’s veins. She had heard stories of special stone balls. They were likened to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, cataclysmic events always followed them. Questions crowded her head. What was special about them? Why is that one here? What are the Templars doing with it? Are these men actually Templars? She whispered to Jamie and Harry, sharing her thoughts and questions. They were stunned. ‘Don’t understand this. The Templars were famous for their chivalry and banking skills. Yes, there were myths generated by King Philip of France at the time of their demise; they prayed to skulls, urinated on the holy cross and performed even worse acts. But they’re all bunkum.’

‘The five pointed star is definitely the star of King David, the founder of ancient Israel,’ Harry revealed.

‘Really...yet...I’ve not heard of a ritual with the star and a stone ball being part of Templar lore. The Templars were founded in Israel soon after the first Crusade, so the star can be explained. What cannot be explained is the use of the ball.’

They peeked around the alcove and gawked at the Templars, as the chanting and grunting continued intermittently.

The chanting stopped. One of the kneeling men rose. He moved forward, picked the ball up, cradling it gently, like a mother with a newborn child. With outstretched arms he approached the Templar holding the flag, stopped and bowed. The flagman set the flag against a pillar, accepted the ball from the bowed man and, as he stroked it, two blue areas on the ball glistened.

The Templars rose and gathered around the leader.

‘It truly is beautiful, Nick,’ one of them said.

‘Yes, Kuri, it’s carved so intricately,’ Nick replied. ‘We must acquire more of the special material contained in these balls. I’ll need help from all of you to achieve this.’

Why? Why do we need more ozkronn? We have enough of it and the plutonium to make at least two atomic bombs, if you count on not giving the Iranians their share of plutonium.’ ‘We’ll need more than two bombs, Kuri. The world’s too big to be seriously affected by two bombs, unless...of course...they are big bombs. And...I’m not sure about double-crossing the Iranians, think that could be a mistake in the short term. They’re cunning and have access to much manpower and weaponry.’

Nick gestured to the other Templars to leave, then placed his arm around Kuri’s shoulder and indicated that they should move behind one of the pillars, just out of view of Esta, Jamie and Harry.

‘There’s something you should know, Kuri. When ozkronn is extracted from the balls and mixed with plutonium, the resultant mixture is much more deadly than only the fissile material plutonium. An atomic bomb requires a significant amount of fissile material to enable the critical density to be achieved to create an explosion. That’s why we’ve made an expensive investment in our chemical processing plant behind the castle. Plutoz, the mixture of plutonium and ozkronn, is our supreme goal. It can make the most powerful bombs of all time, one thousand times more powerful than any atomic bomb ever used. One bomb will annihilate all of Europe or the USA. So...only twenty bombs are required to completely destroy the world. We can blackmail every country on earth...or they’ll meet their maker...whoever that may be.’

‘Where do we acquire more ozkronn from?’

‘From my ancient masters...we will visit them.’

‘When do we leave?’


Nick took hold of Kuri’s hand and placed it on his wrist. He rotated the upper layer of a ring on his left hand until the engraved capital “U” became inverted. A quiet crackling gradually became louder and the floor vibrated gently. Suddenly, just ahead of them a pillar of mist rotated slowly. Around its edge bright lights shimmereda time portal had opened.

Esta was stunned. ‘Christ, he’s one of them.’ ‘One of who?’ Harry asked.

‘He can travel through time.’

‘You mean like Dr Who?’

‘That’s real.’

Harry was flabbergasted. ‘Sweet mother of Jesus, I’m surrounded by Iranians terrorists, Plutonium, Knights Templar, Ozkronnwhatever that isand now Dr Who. What’s next?’

Esta glanced furtively at Jamie and turned to Harry. ‘Perhaps, I’ll give you an explanation.’ Harry looked at Esta with great suspicion. ‘I just knew there was something else.’

‘Let’s get back to the car first.’

On the way back to the car Esta explained that she also had a special ring which helped her to travel through time, she was careful not to reveal all the truth to Harry. He stopped and stood like a statue, gazing up into the void. Transfixed. Speechless. Numb.

Esta waited for the effect to wear off. Harry’s eyes moved down slowly until they reached her, searching for reality.

‘Harry, I know this has come as a shock, so please let the news sink in gently. We’re in no hurry.’

‘Don’t know what to believe any more. I’m just an ordinary guy with a wife and family, have a good job, and don’t actually want to be mixed up in this.’

‘I appreciate how you feel,’ Jamie declared. ‘Initially, I didn’t want to become involved either.’ 

Esta kicked Jamie hard on the ankle. ‘Harry, there are evil men trying to cause mass destruction, so I hope you can still see your way to help us.’

‘Can’t, it’s too much of a risk.’

‘Jamie and I have no detailed knowledge of plutonium, and how to handle it. That’s where you come in. You have the expert knowledge we need as a team.’

‘Can’t you get someone else? Why does it have to be me?’

‘It’s a now problem, Harry. We don’t have time to find and befriend anyone else. If we tried, it might be too late to prevent a catastrophe. Do you want that to happen?’

‘Guess not...suppose you’re right, I do have the knowledge you need.’ Harry’s demeanor transformed from being a soft damp coolness to rock-hard dry ice. ‘And...I must have retribution for my colleagues.’

‘Thanks, Harry, you won’t regret it.’ Esta changed the subject. ‘Have either of you heard of ozkronn?’

Jamie and Harry shook their heads.

‘There must be a connection to the original Templars. Before they were formed their founders searched beneath what was Solomon’s Temple for nine years, searching for something. Legend has it they were looking for the Holy Grail, for the Crucifixion Cross, for Jesus’ head, and for ancient documents. Some say the Holy Grail was a chalice or Mary Magdalene, or many other things. Perhaps...just the Holy Grail.’

Harry seemed perplexed. ‘Yes, I’ve also heard these stories, and that’s what I’ve always believed, they were stories. However, your explanation does sound plausible. So how do we find out?’

Esta held up her right hand to show Harry her special ring. ‘With this, it’ll take us where we need to go.’


‘Ancient Jerusalem.’

‘How do you know...ah...don’t bother telling can read minds, can’t you?’ Esta smiled.

‘So...are we going to catch them or not?’ Jamie asked.

Introducing George Sinclair

In a previous life George designed and manufactured electronic products such as sniper locating and eavesdropping equipment. As a Project Manager he managed multi-£M projects. Later, as a Bid Manager, he published nearly 200 technical and business proposals for customers across the five continents, up to a value of £50M. Sports he has taken part in include Judo, Mountaineering, Snorkelling and Squash, all of which have their own unique thrills and spills.  Now, he is a writer. His novels The Secret of Gold and The Secret of Stone are published on Amazon Kindle, where you can read a few chapters free. His non-fiction books are also published on Amazon Kindle. Learn more about George here -