Sunday, 19 March 2017


Last year, I wanted to run away.

I'm not saying this for effect. I really wanted to do it.  I dreamt of selling up, packing a bag, getting on a plane and driving across Route 66 in an vintage open top sports car leaving my troubles and my hair flowing behind me.

Except, escape wasn't easy. Everything I did only served to entangle me further with my circumstances and the more I struggled the tighter the bonds became.

During this time, I met a friend in Edinburgh and over coffee and a leisurely brunch I confessed my fantasy of living the life of a free spirited gypsy.  My good friend looked at me kindly and said "sometimes, we want to run away when we should stay and face our fears."

These words said with love and concern for my wellbeing struck me deeply and spurned me the next day to do what I had been avoiding.  In hindsight, I can now say with absolute certainty that without this timely advice I would not have been able to return home.  

Another friend recently said to me "there is nothing to fear, but fear itself."  This quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt is as true today as when first uttered the words in 1932.

Ask yourself, what is fear?

Fear is only negative energy. It does not embody a person, an action or a circumstance.  It is your emotional fight or flight.  Just as you physically push out a hand to prevent a fall, your emotions create a barrier to keep the fear at bay.  This numbs it but prevents you from living life fully and passionately.

Remember, fear is a trickster.  It's only purpose is to offer distortion and doubt.  So instead of learning from the experience, you evoke a barrier, ensuring a pause as the circumstances configure and return to ensure you learn what was meant the first time around.

When you face your fears, you reclaim your power as you speak your truth.  Life's most challenging situations offer unexpected gifts. It is these cathartic moments that shed the fears binding you and reveal your authentic self.  

So, if I could leave you with one parting wish, I would like it to be this; face your fears, take action and reclaim your power and show yourself to the world.

You will never regret it.