Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Dander (noun) Scot. a stroll; saunter.

I get lost easily.

A couple of days ago I was visiting a friend at home and having been to the address a couple of times I did not ponder too much about the journey.

However, coming from the other end of town, I pulled out my mobile and inserted the postcode with every intention of following my nose instead of direction.  Five minutes later, I was lost, before righting myself, listening to Mr Google and setting myself in the right direction, bearing in mind I was ten minutes from home and still within the same town. 

As I parked the car I wondered why, once in a while, I allow myself to get misdirected.  Whether it's for a few months, a few minutes or a few moments and the conclusion I came to turned out to be very simple.

I let myself get lost because I want to.

There is nothing more intriguing than having a destination in mind, being guided elsewhere just for a while and even though you do not appreciate or understand at the time there is always a reason.  Coincidences do not exist.  You are exactly where you are meant to be.  And that is the reason why I get lost because I follow my gut instinct understanding that what is shrouded in mystery will be revealed in the future.

When I write, I love when my story leads me by the nose in the most unexpected creative adventure I neither plan or anticipate and at these times heading off the beaten track is fun, exciting and the words that once tugged now trip fall into an endless waterfall onto the page. 

So, if I could leave you with one parting wish, I would like it to be this; enjoy life off the beaten track, cherish the experience, learn what you are meant to and move on with an open heart towards the next turn in the road. 

Who knows where it will take you.