Thursday, 29 September 2016


I don’t get distracted easily.

Once I focus on a goal I stick with it until it my vision is complete.  Sometimes along the way, the vision alters and changes but I always move forward, determined to make it towards my destination.

That’s how I write my books.  I write at nights, weekends and sometimes into the wee small hours of the morning and stay with my story until I wrote that very last word.

But sometimes, life gets in the way.

You have the distraction from circumstances.  Let me tell you a story.  A couple of weeks ago.  I went for breakfast on a late Sunday morning with the idea of doing some writing as I finished my coffee.

Then two friends who I haven’t seen for ages sat opposite me and we caught up and talked about writing.

Then after they left I ordered another coffee and moved to a couch where I was joined by a Mum and her little girl, who proceeded to tell me she had just been to the pool in her special time with Mummy and she liked it because she was away from her older brother Mark who is really noisy.  We bonded over The BFG, one of my favourite childhood stories, before her Mum returned to the sofa with a hot chocolate.  It was a fun, delightful conversation to have. 

Recently, I read a quote by Hemingway.

 “The fun of talk is to explore.”

But some conversation are meant for inspiration and you are not meant to be writing and distracted away from them.

Then there are types of distractions that are noisy.

There are the obligations of home, neighbours, community, work, mobile phones and social media.

Pleasant distractions but never the less distractions. 

So how can you continue to be creative when you are in the midst of all these distractions?

Well, the answer I found is that you write your way through it. 

You take that text and turn it on its head.

You hear that conversation and find another character.

You take that distraction, the idea within your community and become involved in it.

Because, in my humble opinion to be creative is also to be present in the here and now.  In the moment that is happening within you and around you. 

Move forward creatively taking your experiences with you.

So, if I could leave you with one parting wish, I would like it to be this; value your distractions it is what life is made up of, use them to feed your creativity then make your own noise.   

I did.