Thursday, 25 August 2016


I've always been able to solve the riddle. 

Whenever I have a dilemma, I always work it out considering options, avenues and actions.  But some riddles require more attention than most.  And this one has been a conundrum.

I am lucky enough that I have never suffered from writer's block, my inner crescendo of words has never paused for breath.  But life, in his disruptive nature can slam down a block demanding silence.

However, I was not born for silence. 

I cannot live without expressing my creativity. 

So, I went away and tried to solve the riddle.  I took all the actions I had to.  I followed the options and waited for the ensuing results; some disappointing, some triumphant and all of them an experience worthy of learning.

And I will win in the end. 

I know it because I believe it in my heart.

When you say what you want something, a job, a change of home or a family you become intentional and magic can and will happen.  It can spark in your soul and bring you back to life again.

So, a pause, however, confusing always serves a purpose because when you stand and decide to move forward, the answer to the riddle will always reveal itself.

It is the manifestation of what you want.  The how and the where is irrelevant.  It is the destination of the journey that matters most and we all have the power and imagination to decide where we are going next.

So, if I can leave you with one parting wish, I would like it to be this; enjoying solving your own riddle and enjoy the results of your labours.  

I am.