Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I hate my enemies.

It’s not that I don’t see the merit of love.  It can be used to manipulate.  It can be used to get people to do what you want.

That night I used it to get what I always wanted.  When I made my choice.  When I stood in front of him, the man I respected all my life and decided his fate.  For a second, I felt a twinge, a lingering last piece of emotion as he held my gaze, unflinching and proud, as he waited for my declaration.   

I felt the weight of the stares, the judgment of the Queen who insisted on witnessing my triumph.  I had to deliver.  I had no choice.

Then in the background, I saw him watching me, my nemesis, my lifelong enemy and I smiled as I condemned his father to his living death.  I took his self-respect and did away his son’s at the same time.

As the Queen’s senior courtier I have been appointed a Lord.  A Lord.  A title reflecting and deserving of my skills.  When I attack I use my intellect.  I attack with my words and I make sure they leave puss filled bites on my chosen victim.

It’s not that I am afraid to get my hands dirty.  But why have a dog and bark yourself?  That’s what the Black Knights are for.   They are a means to an end.  A bloody tool at my disposal.

Sometimes, I admire that brute Luther.  He can strike his enemies in the heart with an honesty that is admirable.  I have to manoeuvre within the pretence of respectability. 

I tell my Queen what she wants to hear.  Make no mistake, she is my Queen.  She relies on my knowledge and control of her son to keep her on the throne.  It is karma.  I helped her become a Queen and she made me a Lord.  A most fitting exchange of power.

Now standing in Storm Castle I can finally unveil my true self. 

I lick my lips and smile genuinely for the first time in years.  I am no longer a Lord. 

I am now Povack.

"My day of reckoning is coming but today is not that day, 

So I witness, I watch, I wait...

Tactics of war to seal every Mate's fate, 

The young to right the wrongs of the old, 

A tiresome tale, forever re-told, 

And so I I witness, I watch, I wait...

For my day of reckoning is not this day."