Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I am so unbelievably annoyed at my Mate.

She is impulsive and has a hundred racing thoughts all at once.  So numerous that I don't know whether to write them down one by one to analyse them or just watch to see what she does next.  That's the fascination.  I can't get a handle on her.  She either makes me laugh or knocks me on my ass.  There is no in between.

I can't solve the puzzle that is my Mate.  And surprisingly I don't want to.  If our game stopped I would be....disappointed.  I want to make this go on forever. 

All my life, I have wanted someone who can match me and I have finally found her.

In this situation, I have to admit she is right.  I did hesitate.  I did let other people sway my thinking.  I did linger when I should have acted.  But in the fray of battle, a man has to consider his creative strategy.  He has to consider his next move with the utmost precision.  What my Mate does not understand is that I have already decided.

Her time is up.

I am going after her and when I find her I am going to throw her over my shoulders and claim her until she understands she belongs to me and no one else. 

I have seen it.  I have dreamed of it.  I feel her.  The binding veil between dreams and life so merged it breeds a new life.  That life yet to live.  In the frustration of the circumstances we find ourselves in,  I trust only a singular truth. 

I still love her.  I have always loved her.