Monday, 24 November 2014


I admit it.  I am a mama bear. 

From the moment each of my children were born I was instilled with an almost primal desire to protect them.

I loved being pregnant and instinctively knew the moment I first conceived - it was on the night of our mating ceremony.  For a few weeks it was my secret until I began to feel sick in the mornings and Daniel noticed.  No words were needed.  I just gently took his large hand and placed it on my still flat belly.  My Mate, so sure and so strong, wavered for the first time. Before he picked me up laughing and spinning us in a circle and squeezing me so tight until I laughed too and teased him until he stopped.  He was just as excited as I was, if not more.  In that moment, his most cherished wish had come true.

He never stopped fussing or touching my belly. I would walk past him in the busy hub of the village and he would reach out and place his hand on our child.  We would stop and just look at each other. The bond between the three of us so strong, I knew nothing could ever come between us.  I will never forget the look on his face, equally proud and in awe of the miracle we had made between us. 

He would get really upset whenever I reached for or lifted anything too heavy.  But instead of being exasperated I secretly enjoyed every minute of it.  I felt loved.  I felt protected.   And I knew it was because he had waited all his life to be a father. 

Then came the day Duncan was born and Rora helped me bring him into the world as Daniel’s feet beat against the wooden floor outside.  Then as soon as Duncan left my body and let out his first loud cry he raced into the room and we held him together as we had for the last 9 months.

Duncan, even as a baby, was strong willed and I loved every moment of it.  In Sensio, we women pride ourselves in producing the next generation of alpha males.  As I baked he would follow my every move with those dark blue eyes of his, not missing a trick. And as my boy grew I loved him more every single day.  These two men were my world.

Watching my Mate with our son I fell in love with him all over again. His eyes would light up as he came back home and Duncan would say his favourite word - "Dada."

Then just as Duncan began his lessons in the Natural Laws I knew I was pregnant again.

This time I felt more serene. Perhaps because this was our second baby.  I don't know for sure, but Daniel insisted on being there when our Rose was born and I was glad. And when my baby girl was placed on my stomach and gently cried out I knew I was living my dreams.  Sometimes, I look at my daughter, so spirited and independent and I am in awe that my Mate and I made such a beautiful girl. 

We had been blessed with both a son and a daughter, I couldn't have wished for anything more. 

I love my children with a fierceness that any sharpened blade could not penetrate and if anyone ever hurt them there is no place on this world they will be able to hide from me, not even in Elias.

This protectiveness has been extended. While I have not birthed Aiden and Amber they are still my children.  Rora would have done the same for me without hesitation.

Instead of seeking my divine purpose it found me.  

I was born to be a mother.

Maggie Darkings