Monday, 17 November 2014


I am so unbelievably annoyed at this man.

The Black Knight stands in front of me, deliberately pauses and grins slowly.  Fixing those black eyes on me, he temporarily relaxes his grip on his sword as a smile teases the corners of his mouth.  Then the humour crinkles the corners of his eye as the emotion laces through him.  Shaking my head, I come to terms with reality he's been playing a game with me all along.  

I thought I knew the rules of combat.  Where each opponent had a chance to fight a fair fight.  Instead, I am walking willingly into a cesspit. Into a world where the rules are subject to change depending on the players involved.  As the Black Knight grips his sword tightly with intention, I reluctantly acknowledge I'm ill equipped to face him.  Honesty and faith are two qualities that have no place on the battlefield.

Frustration bites.  The Black Knight standing in front of me, refusing to move away and let me leave. Annoyance gives way as I stare forlornly past him into the distance.  Hoping I can be taken away from the situation.

Him.  Duncan.  He hurt me.  He knows the danger that Aiden is in and he does nothing, except silently watching me leave.  He lingers in the recesses of my mind.  Teasing but never leaving.  I gave him my heart.  There is no more that I will say.

The Black Knight sinks his feet comfortably into the forest floor and I know it is I who have to make the choice.  He is waiting for me to do something.  To perform, to create, to react and for the first time since he appeared I smile back at him.  I give him the reaction I should have all along.  I fight back so I can leave.

He waits for me and the smile becomes sardonic.  I have no respect for hesitancy.  If he insists on standing in my way I will push right past him.  Duncan appears in my subconscious and I finally let him go.  Nothing will stand in the way of what I want.  I wanted to be free and I unlocked the door myself to make it happen.  I need no man to rescue me.  I can do it all by myself. 

I take the sword in my hands and walk forward.

Ready to engage in combat.

Ready to win.