Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I believe in love….

In Faerie Glen, we follow our instincts in all matters.  We trust what we feel rather than what we can see or touch.  Magic, faith, creative thought, the invisible takes us where we are meant to be.  The invisible has infinite power.  The invisible makes us more powerful. 

Now in the darkness, in the midst of the broken cage my belief, for the first time, wavers.  I know what I must do.  I know what the adrenalin pumping through my veins is compelling me to do.  But, for the first time, I am hesitant.  For days I have burned with the desire to leave this cage and the annoying bunch of imps I have been forced to share with.  Now as the first whisper of free air pushes through the cage bars, I still and hesitate.

In Sensio, we follow the Natural Laws and to be fair they make sense.  We must respect each other, we must respect our planet and we must concern ourselves with our present to protect our future.  I do not doubt the Natural Laws.  But, for the first time, I doubt myself.

When you sit in the silence of darkness your mind plays tricks on you.  It clothes negativity in a soft presence that masks its true insidious nature.  To make you doubt, to seduce you into believing that the fight is too hard to be won, to make you doubt that your dreams can come true.

When I saw her, the harbinger from Abaddon, I knew her intent.  Despite the beautiful mask of her silky black gown I knew what she wanted; to destroy us and steal the elements.  I did what I always do.  I flew into a situation without fear and even though the result was to be caged with the imps I don’t regret my choice.  You must believe in yourself enough to stand and fight for what you want.

In Faerie Glen, it is always the unspoken that makes us to learn our most important lessons and the most special, the most sacred is True Love.

Followed by patience, because we are not allowed to meet our Mate until we love ourselves first.

Make no mistake, loving yourself is not about being ignorantly arrogant.  It's about knowing your own self worth. It is about believing with faith and hope that if you never meet your one true love.  You still have the right to live a life filled with laughter and happiness and you must pursue this with all the passion in your soul and trust in what fate has in store for you.

No one shares this secret with you.  Fingle, the silly faerie, never told me and he wasn’t meant to educate me.  Because I had to learn the lesson for myself.

So, I move towards the door of the imp cage, follow my divine purpose and acknowledge the lesson I had to learn.

Love yourself, believe in yourself and trust in what is to come.