Tuesday, 21 October 2014


He’s finally broken and I get no satisfaction from it.

I look down at my son.  Once, my reason for living and I will him to fight.  To scream.  To stand up.  To push away my formidable strength of character.  Instead I am met with nothing but silence.  

He disappoints me.  All his life I have told him what I have seen.  I have counselled him, I have helped him.  Yet now when it matters most, he won't listen.  

I didn’t speak for my sake.  I did it for him.  I did it for the love I felt for him as a child and as he grew from boy to man, I knew just how special he was.  Now, I only feel frustration.  Why won't he listen to me?  Why didn’t he take his chances...

Our actions have consequences and my son is paying the price for his.

But part of me still wishes for him to fight.  To go out and take what is his.  But I can do no more.  Only divine timing will tell its own story.  Either way,  I have my own destiny to determine...

"The crown is now mine, 

Unveiled for all to see, 

My purpose finally fulfilled, 

My throne, my destiny."

Queen Andora