Sunday, 12 October 2014


I have awoken inside.

I never thought I wasn't alive before.  I lived as I knew best.  I lived as was expected and before now I never questioned its validity.

I finally found her yesterday. As I left the village I've known all my life and my friends there.  I covered the ground slowly.  Hesitantly increasing the distance from what is familiar and comfortable. Where I leave my heart in Greenwood; my true home.

I felt her before I saw her and I stopped and waited.  Then I saw her outline merge with the shadows until she was slowly, achingly revealed to me.  She was slight with long soft limbs and curves that my hands itched to follow.  I grinned.  My natural instinct to make light of the situation came to the fore only to be silenced as she looked at me.

Her green cat like eyes widened momentarily as we stood silent and stared at one another.  Her hands moved nervously through her long curly hair and my heart kicked into a gallop as I realised I had finally found her.

I had found my Mate.

Disconcerted, I struggled with the unfamiliar.  I have never had a problem attracting women.  Because of my status and notoriety they come easily, too easily at times.  But I am tired of that.  I want someone to see the real me behind the reflection I see in the mirror.  I want her.  Even though, I hadn't found her yet 

She looked as surprised as I was.  UntiI, I finally let the smile within me go and she frowned and moved back nervously; startled.  Then she lifted her little pert nose into the air, turned around and waked away. 

I stood there stunned. Nobody ever walks away from me. I am the man of my own destiny.  I answer to no one but myself.  But as she sashayed away, her curves teasing me in a dance of their own.  The alpha within me, laid dormant until now, was finally unleashed.  I laughed as I turned away and the adrenalin singing in my veins came to life as I embraced the thrill of the chase. 

But it won’t be easy.  Nothing worth having should be.  The ultimate challenge I've been waiting for my whole life is finally here and I'm just the man to answer its call.

I know where she is.

I will return and I will make her mine.  But to do that I must strive for something I have never sought before.  I must gain her respect and trust.  I must earn that right.  I must prove I am worthy.  

In the meantime, I unleash the alpha within.