Monday, 13 October 2014


He's changed everything.

I was fine until he came along.  I did what was needed. I knew my place in this new world. I understood the rules.  Now my calmness, my steady equilibrium, has been lost forever.

It all changed that day in the clearing when I first met him.  He looked at me so intently with his ocean blue eyes that for a second I found myself lost in them.  Then, as I became aware of my reaction he smiled, slowly...  Making my heart race as it has never done before.

My reaction was instantaneous and I tried to escape from it.  Away from him and away from how I felt. 

Now weeks later, I am adrift.  I don’t know how I feel.  He refuses to leave me alone.  He appears in the village when I least expect it.  Tearing me in half between vulnerability and confusion.  I don’t know what he wants from me.  But as he draws near I hear his deep, rich voice in my head and his whispered words on that dark night.  

"You're mine."

When he comes closer, his eyes rake over me as if he has possessed me already and the final act is only the conclusion of the fantasy born to life.  While my body lulls towards his, my mind takes a step back.  Frightened of the unknown but scared of not living as Nana always told me too.

For the moment, pride keeps my counsel.  I am no done deal.  I decide who will win my heart.   And if I do ever surrender to him it will because I choose too.

So now, I laugh, live my life and explore what fate has in store for me.  If he stays and gains my respect he is worth it.  If he leaves I have my answer.  Either way, I stand.  I am Rora Ravenswood and I am strong, just like my Nana told me I was.  

Now, I finally believe her. 

Is he worthy of my complete and utter surrender?
Something I have never given to another, ever,
Will he love me with all his heart?
Will he honor me, till death do us part?