Friday, 17 October 2014


He's letting me leave.

I turn away and start walking.  I feel his eyes upon me and I wish them away.  I must follow my own path.

I thought if I gave him my heart it would be enough.  I only ever wanted him.  I only ever wanted him to show a little faith and believe in me.    

I didn't need him to tell me I was free.  Because I had already decided I was.

But I didn't linger for me.  I stayed to keep my promise to that life waiting to be born and now I can leave knowing I did everything I could.  I have no regrets. When you follow your heart you live fully.

When I walk away, I never look back.  Regret is a wasted emotion and if you spend all your time looking back how can you see who or what is coming towards you?

Now, I am at peace and ready for what’s to come.  For my purpose is more important.  I must do what I was born to do. 

Because dreams can come true and I believe that even more now.  I believe in true love.  I believe in the life I dream of.  I believe in my family.

For now, I smile, walk towards the sun and follow my divine purpose.

"Unsure of herself, two worlds collide.

Fear chases, she fights for life, 

Can her Mate return her faith?

Love is a chance we all must take."