Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I can’t believe they finally caught me.

All my life, I have flaunted the rules and their conventions.  My sole aim is to squeeze all the juice, the delicious tartness, from the berry and enjoy every experience I encounter. 

However, being stuck in a cage with a bunch of imps is not one of them.  I know why I am here.  I tried to save Faerie Glen and I am paying the price.  But that doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

The woman moves around the room dancing in and out of the shadows cast by the fire.  I stick my tongue out at her in the darkness and giggle.  Then I stop, not because I regret the action, but because I can’t do it in the daylight when she can see me.

People think faeries are indecisive and they are right.  My mind races so fast I wonder if it will ever stop.  My indecision is final and I make no apologies for it.  I, Indigo Hawthorn, of Faerie Glen, am who I am.  Ruled by my heart.  I believe the inhabitants of Sensio, all her species, would be better off if they trusted their instincts.  I trust and believe in the voice of my subconscious and the beat of my heart and my instincts will only ever follow the path of love. 

I know my flightiness will stop when my find my Mate.  Faeries mate for life and when we do find the one for us.  We see no one else.  We know in that first moment when our eyes meet and when their intense unwavering stare promises to focus on us and only us, the time is right.  The time is now.   

This imp cage, my prisoner cave, has forced me into self-reflection.  I have no choice but to contemplate my next move.  Do I follow my instincts?  Do I wait?  Do I risk being hurt?  Do I take a chance and get everything I ever dreamed of?  Will my hesitation, my silence, cost me everything?

Hearing the scuffle in the darkness and the inevitable crash, I brace myself as the cage hurtles towards the ground.  As we near the inevitable impact, I finally let go and let be and trust in what fate has in store for me.  As I make my choice, I feel the fresh air filtering through the cage bars and open my eyes to see the iron twisted leaving a space just big enough for a faerie and a dozen imps to escape from.  I am thankful.  Fate has indeed smiled upon me.  When I gave my trust it offered the gift of freedom in return.

The bars of the cage we create for ourselves are made of the strongest steel and its only when we acknowledge their existence that we can finally escape.  All along, we have the power to save ourselves.  We only have to believe.  That we are worth it.  That we deserve it.  That the life we dream of is not only possible but is already living and growing inside you, waiting to be born.   

Take a chance.

Believe in yourself.

“It's so tiring having to be so good,

When all I am, is misunderstood,

In my confines, I shall tow the line,

They will know who’s in charge,

In my own time”