Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I am losing my sight.

As a chick, I knew I was different.  In Sensio, we remain wary.  The dodo were hunted to extinction on Earth and the last few were brought here to this new world to survive even if this means we have to hide.  Survival is essential.

I know I disappoint my mother.  She looks at me with the weight of expectation, waiting for me to do as expected and each time I try it is never enough to satisfy her.  I am blind in one eye.  So I falter when I should walk.  I stumble when I should move forward.  I am scared when I should be fearless.

Then the other chick came along; sure, confident and I am knew my existence as it was would soon come to an end.  I would be on my own.  I knew I would have to trust myself. 

In my quiet moments, I trust myself without question.  I know what I see in my heart.  I follow my intuition in every situation.  It is not easy to follow your own path.  To live fully you must stay true to yourself.  You must believe even in the fading light that what is to come is worth every challenge you have been given. 

My intuition keeps me from falling.  My intuition keeps me from danger.  My intuition keeps me safe.  My intuition has given me the gift of protection when I needed it most.

That day when my mother refused to feed me, turned around and walked away.  I wasn’t surprised only sad  The hope of the relationship we could have had is now gone and I can only mourn its loss.  But I still cried for her and my only answer was crushing silence.

When I found myself scooped up I struggled at first.  I was told to stay away from humans but as the gentle finger caressed my head I softened before I tested my beak on  its flesh.   But there was no retaliation, only assertion, as the finger gentled but didn’t stop comforting me even as I tried to pushed it away.

That’s when I trusted completely.  Amber had found me.

In the days that followed, I was fed apple, my new favorite food and shown more affection than I have ever known in my short life.  I slowly let go and let be.  I believed that the darkness at the edges of my sight that came ever closer was meant.  I found acceptance in the challenge I was meant to face.

For hope still shines in me.  I believe in what is to come.  I believe in the people who take care of me.  I trust in that even when my sight disappears I will still be protected.  I trust that they know what is best for me.  I trust I have been chosen for this life because I am strong enough to live it.  I trust that when I no longer see I will still know what to do.

Acceptance for either human or animal is nature’s biggest lesson.  We must accept our circumstances and face our challenges.  It is only then we embrace our true selves.  It is only then that we become what we yearn for all along.  To be ourselves.  To be free. 

“Forever frozen to a page on a book,

A consequence of man & the liberties he took,

Amber saw past my lack of sight,

Hope shines despite diminishing light”