Thursday, 19 December 2013


The baubles glow red and gold

Hanging from the tree
Seasoned poised green perfection
Can we live up to the dream?
The countdown begins
Dinner booked and bought
Diaries filled up
Every second on the clock
You start the lists
The post it notes too
Will you ever get it done?
You never have a clue
It’s hard to take 60 seconds
To breathe free and clear
Stop to focus on the moments
That we hold so very dear
Santa sacks used every year
Scary Christmas flan far too near
That ‘Enemy of the State’ film
You get back every year
The present filled couch
Brother opened before I woke
It never took the shine
Of the effort that was wrought
Bing’s White Christmas song
That Great Granny played
In the little cottage
Where she and I both stayed
The soft Christmas kiss
The smile on his lips
Will he understand?
He is my greatest wish
So freeze frame the moments
As Santa approaches near
Small imperfect they may be
Sprinkle them every year