Saturday, 9 November 2013



Red flower waving in the wind

Green lush fields it hides within

Light hearted it appears to be

When matters to you and me


The narrator begins the evening news story

Telling the tale of war and worry

Another number, an ever present headline

The family informed in due time


They are someone to those who remain

For each family and friend who burden the pain


It comes clear to those who are here

The widow whose ache is so near


The sister who worries when he is away

Uploading the tunes for him to play


The mother who fears the knock at the door

For in her dreams she has been there and more


The Grandfather who rarely told the story

Of the good friends he lost in the war glory


To those who fight on we pause and say

We thank you, for all you do for us this day


So remember the poppy at this time of year

For it may stop you from shedding a tear

For those we love are never truly gone

As they play forever in our heart’s song